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Homemade oat milk

A couple months into the coronavirus era, it’s hard to find oat milk — along with flour, yeast, beef and a number of other staple ingredients — in the grocery stores and in the coffeeshops. I’m a half-and-half guy myself, but my wife likes it and the deprivations of the pandemic have made me resourceful and determined.

Using this recipe from the NY Times, I put a couple cups of oats in plan water and let them soak overnight. This morning, after I put a pork butt into the oven, I rinsed the oats and blended them with four cups of water, strained them and then threw in a little vanilla extract. Now I got oat milk (and also a slow-roasted pork butt and a load of bread that should be coming out of the oven around the same time). I could probably make a couple gallons of it for around $2.

Workarounds. Ingenuity. Stubbornness. Small victories. Most of are dealing with things these days as problems to be solved. And some days we’re having more success than others. It’s all a work in progress.

Some news

  • Gov. Roy Cooper’s Phase 1 restrictions are set to expire on Friday at the earliest. He’s hopeful that we will hit our marks in terms of new cases, testing and tracing.
    • Phase 2 lifts the stay-at-home order except for “vulnerable” members of the populace.
    • It allows for reopening of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, with reduced capacity.
    • Gatherings limits increase from 10 people to 25.
  • The NC General Assembly reconvened today. No real business yet, but Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger held a presser this afternoon announcing a $4 billion budget shortfall.
    • That’s what happens with a consumption-based tax structure when nobody’s buying anything.
  • The UNC Board of Governors meets Wednesday to discuss the fall semester, but at least two schools in the system — UNCG and NC A&T University — have made plans for students to come on campus in the fall.
  • North Carolina’s last county to withstand the coronavirus has fallen. Avery County became the 100th, and last, in NC to report a COVID-19 case with one. It’s in the mountains on the Tennessee border.

The numbers

A diversion

A few months ago we discusses in this space George Orwell’s 1984, and how useful it is in the current circumstances. But I wold be remiss if I didn’t point you to the other pillar of the Orwell canon: Animal Farm. This one’s an allegory, and though the book itself is a slim volume that could be properly digested in a single day, despite what your eighth-grader says, the 1954 BBC animated film is two hours long. Totally worth a watch.

Program notes

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