Daily corona round-up

Another inconvenient truth

No point beating around the bush: This was as clean an election as we’ve had in this country since the 21st Century began, and once every vote gets counted, Trump and his dopes need to STFU about it.

And lo and behold: The coronavirus has not disappeared after the election. It’s escalating, rapidly — getting a little closer to all of us. Stack that one up with the other lies.

Here’s some real news.

Some news

  • Jury trials are back on in Guilford County as of today, after eight months without.
  • Dr. Mandy Cohen gave some advice for North Carolinians about holiday gatherings and shopping:
    • Get a COVID test at least three days beforehand, if you’re planning a gathering, and insist everyone else does too.
    • Use caution at brick-and-mortar retailers — masks, distancing, etc.
  • Pfizer’s got a vaccine brewing, “90 percent effective.”
  • The US surpassed 10 million COVID-19 cases yesterday, and today added 113,613 new ones. Deaths are approaching a quarter-million (244,000+). But these figures probably belong in the numbers.

The numbers

  • North Carolina had a bog drop in cases today — just 1,521 — after three days of 2,500+ new cases. Now we’ve got 281,679 But!
    • 261,719 recoveries (92.91 percent) as of today! 4,615 deaths, so 15,435 current cases, give or take, 1,169 of them hospitalized (7.57 percent).
  • Guilford County: +268 today, 12,616 total. 207 dead (none today) and 10,641 recovered. 1,768 current cases, 102 hospitalized.
    Forsyth County: 75 new cases, breaking the 10K barrier with 10,050. 129 deaths, and a new metric: 1,287 cases in the last 14 days.

A diversion

Let’s do some more Warhol. Here’s Andy Warhol’s Trash, from 1970. For some reason it’s got Spanish subtitles.

Program notes

  • For tonight’s featured image, we’ve got “Washington’s Triumphal Entry into New York,” artist unknown, 1850. Taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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