Daily corona round-up

The hills

I’ve been trying to stay active, both to stave off the coronavirus and also because I know from experience that working from home is a great opportunity to sit around eating all day.

So I’ve been taking runs a few days a week — nothing big, just a few miles and I don’t go very fast. It gets my heart going, works up a sweat and gets me away from my computer and the ever-evolving news cycle for an hour or so.

In the early days of the pandemic I ran on the greenway, and I got up to about five miles per session. But it became too crowded with bodies, everyone heaving their droplets into the air. So I started running a route that begins at my front door and wends through my own neighborhood, the one I’ve lived in for almost 20 years but have largely seen only outside of business hours.

It’s nice. We all wave at each other.

But in my own neighborhood, besot with steep hills and winding roads, I can barely make four miles. It takes less time, but it’s quite a bit more challenging and, one hopes, beneficial to my physic.

Got some new numbers for ya.

The numbers

  • A drop in cases — just 1,276 today, follows a weekend of about 2,300 and 1,700 respectively. Now we’ve got 225,959 total diagnoses in the state.
    • New recovery numbers: 206,471 (91.36 percent). Combine that with our 3,773 deaths (+26, 1.67 percent) and we’ve got 15,715 current cases in the state.
    • 1,109 are hospitalized (7.06 percent)
    • 6.0 percent positive test rate
  • Guilford County — love that new dashboard — clocks in with 9,693 total confirmed, adding 233 over the weekend. With 5,590 recoveries (+78, 57.70 percent) and 187 deaths. (+0, 1.93 percent). 3,916 active cases.
  • Forsyth County Facebook posts 7,682 total cases, adding 142 over the weekend. Factor in 6,863 recoveries (+105, 89.34 percent) and 105 deaths (+1, 1.37 percent), we’ve got 714 active cases.
  • Can someone please explain to me the difference in outcomes between Guilford and Forsyth?

A diversion

I have so much TV to watch — a lot of our shows are dropping new seasons, plus we watch a few others that trickle out one episode a week. But we’re watching the Saints game tonight, probably on our phones because we don’t have ESPN. For the rest of you, I have the 2009 Super Bowl, in which the Saints miraculously defeat the Indianapolis Colts under quarterback (and New Orleans native_ Peyton Manning. I keep this one bookmarked — check out the on-sides kick to start the second half.

Program notes

  • For tonight’s featured image, we’ve got “a self-portrait of Umberto Boccione, from 1905. Taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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