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The coronavirus kids

It’s starting to wear on the kids.

We’ve got two high-schoolers — one of which is supposed to graduate this year, and is still waiting to hear from a few top-choice schools. We’ve got another college kid taking classes from his childhood bed. They have been in the house for more than a week.

My friend Jason Pramas at Dig Boston filed a fantastic Q&A which is helpful when talking about the coronavirus with your family.

It’s tough with little kids, because they just don’t understand. Older kids do understand. And what do we tell them, these kids of ours who all got sent to their rooms to watch TV at the same time?

We’re sorry? We’ll make it up to them? It’ll all be over soon?

Anyway, they’re getting really good at video games.

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A diversion

I have not let listened to the new Bob Dylan song — the 17-minute “Murder Most Foul,” about the JFK assassination. And if I’m being honest, I probably will not get around to it this weekend (“Ozark” is back, you know). But I appreciate the effort, and the timing.

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