Daily corona round-up

Tending our gardens

Did everybody get what they need from the hardware store? Get their lawn squared away, mulch the flowerboxes, fix the deck, install new blinds, paint the bathroom and maybe build those closet shelves we’ve been meaning to get to?

It makes sense that we’re nesting, hunkering down, girding ourselves for the long, slow march. We might be here awhile.

Gov. Cooper’s stay-at-home orders begin tomorrow at 5 p.m. And President Trump extended federal social-distancing guidelines until April 30.

Meanwhile, the numbers continue to jump. But, as you’ll see, things in North Carolina are, relatively, not so bad. Let’s begin with the numbers

The numbers

  • We’ve got 1,186 documented cases of COVID-19 in North Carolina, from the N&O count. They also put Guilford County at 39 cases, five ahead of the county website, and Forsyth County at 35, up from the 33 reported at the website. Some words about the N&O’s methodology (and why I trust it) here.
  • So 74 in the Triad, 336 in Mecklenberg County (a third of the state total) and 253 in the Triangle (146 in Wake County and 107 in Durham County, if you must know). That’s more than half the state’s cases right there. We have not been hit as hard as some states, and are in a good position to handle what we ultimately get.
  • I’m referring to this website, which gives state-by-state predictions as to hospital beds, estimated use and even a timeline until “peak usage.”
    • Healthdata.org predicts NC will hit peak resource use on April 22, the same day we will hit our peak count of daily fatalities — we’re expected rto lose 79 people that day.
    • Even in the worst-case scenario, we’ll have nearly enough beds and ventilators to handle it. And if we can affect the spread of the coronavirus by staying home as much as possible, we might be able to ease the strain on our facilities and save some lives.

Local news

A diversion

Elton John is giving a free “living room ” concert tonight, with special guests Billie Eilish, Tim McGraw, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys — all filming from their homes. It’s on Fox 8 tonight at 9 p.m., but you can also listen live at any iHeart radio station. To whet your appetite, here’s some live footage from 1971, on the British music show “The Old Grey Whistle Test.”

Program notes

  • Tonight’s featured public-domain image is “Pietro de Angelis Carro di Cerere,” a drawing of the chariot of Ceres, goddess of the harvest, pulled by her dragons. Thank your tax money and the National Gallery of Art.
  • Huge thanks to Pandemic Trivia Time out of Greensboro, who marked us for donations during Sunday night’s tournament. They’re rolling a couple times a week — check them out if you like trivia. But be warned: There are some pretty serious players in that crew.
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