The slow release

Remember a month ago when the conventional wisdom dictated that if we were to combat the coronavirus effectively, it would look like we overreacted?

That’s where we are now.

Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee are set to “reopen” on Monday, and Florida’s beaches are ready for crowds this week. Protestors and Republicans are exerting considerable pressure on some states to cease restrictions and let people “get back to work,” even though many of the CDC guidelines for workplaces have not been met, and most states, North Carolina included, have not met benchmarks for testing and identification of carriers.

Naturally, people are getting antsy. They’re running out of money, or patience, or time. The holding pattern we’re in is not sustainable over the long term.

But it’s not like the coronavirus cares about any of that.

There’s some news in NC on that front.

Some news

UPDATED with more accurate info.

  • Gov. Roy Cooper announced that state restrictions would stay in place until May 8 — about two more weeks — at which time we would initiate Phase 1.
    • Phase 1 includes opening parks and some retail.
    • Phase 2, 2-3 weeks later, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues can open with limited capacity.
    • Phase 3, 4-6 weeks later, allows for larger gatherings, while still maintaining restrictions for managed-care and nursing homes.
    • He said he’ll make an announcement about public schools tomorrow.
  • The General Assembly reconvenes on April 28.
  • Retired Army General, former NC Department of Transportation head and Wake County Schools chair, as well as occasional Fox News contributor and “author of action” thrillers Tony Tata has been tapped by the Trump Administration to take a “top job” at the Pentagon.
  • Greensboro’s Fun Fourth has been officially canceled.

The numbers

A diversion

Disney parks have not yet said when they plan to reopen, regardless of the protesters ‘sentiments. Which begs the question: Will theme parks become something of the past in the coronavirus age? Let’s take a trip back to when the theme park was new. Disneyland was state of the art when it opened in 1955 in Anaheim, Calif. — a living expression of Walt Disney’s imagineering before Disney World opened in 1971. Here’s a 1962 episode of “The Wonderful World of Disney” where Walt himself gives us a tour.

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