Daily corona round-up

Pretzel logic

I have never met Napoleon, folks, but I plan to find the time.

When in doubt, use old Steely Dan Lyrics, amirite? I got nothing else right now, because the coronavirus numbers are freaking me out. So let’s get right to it.

The numbers

  • In North Carolina, 5,556 new cases today. Up until today, I have been running the total of molecular positive cases (PCR, which is 388,106, and have been leaving out the antigen-positive cases (27,977). But I noticed yesterday that people from the antigen-positive camp had been dying, so their numbers contribute to the overall total, which I’m saying is 416,083.
    • 5,714 reported dead, 217 of them antigen-positive.
    • 2,444 hospitalized, up four from yesterday’s all-time high.
    • 10.5 percent positive-test rate, down almost two points from yesterday.
  • Guilford has 348 new ones, 17,027 total, 259 deaths and 14,989 recoveries.
    • 1,777 current cases, 190 of them hospitalized.
  • Forsyth has 206 new ones, 15,686 total, with 178 deaths (+2) and 12,848 recoveries.
    • 2,660 active cases

A diversion

In honor of my dear friend Leigh, I’m dropping the Avett Brothers’ full set from Bonnaroo 2014. Rest easy, lady. You’ve earned it.

Program notes

  • “Minerva Combating Brute Force,” by Isidore Pils in the 19th Century, is a metaphor for today, but symbolizing what, exactly? Is Minerva fighting the brute with sophistication and strategy? Or is Minerva the virus, thwarting our efforts at containing it? Who’s to say? Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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