Daily corona round-up

The work begins

I’m taking a break from naming insurrectionists and listing seditious public officials who need to resign — though I’m not done by a longshot — to handle some business, which despite an insurrection, an inspirational inauguration and a wild first 24 hours, must continue.

So: Forms, calls, math, signatures, payments etc., done, I might add, in an actual office. Yep, I left the house today. Feels weird.

It’s a wonder I still have time to compile the daily update. And yet, here we are.

The numbers

  • Hey NC: We are moving in the wrong direction: 7,183 new cases today, 698,099 total. With 8,339 deaths (+139), we’re heading into ugly territory.
    • 10.3 percent positive test rate, moving down, which means we’re not filling the pipeline quite as fast.
    • New state vaccination numbers: 76,293 have had both doses as of yesterday, and 424,274 have had the first dose. Another 72,563 have been administered to long-term care workers and residents.
  • Guilford sucks, with 551 new cases, making 29,277 total. Three new deaths (348) and 5,162 current cases.
  • Forsyth claims a more reasonable 223 new cases, for 25,696. Four new deaths (259) and 4,552 current cases (give or take).

A diversion

Have you ever heard of The Happytime Murders? Neither have I! But it’s a puppet=driven murder mystery form 2018 directed by Jim Henson’s son, Brian, which is dope. You can;t watch that one for free, but you can watch Meet the Feebles, a puppet action film from New Zealand in 1989, directed by Peter Jackson, who I understand went on to do big things. In Kiwi country, it was known as Frogs of War.

Program notes

  • “Christ Healing the Blindman” is a Dutch work by Gerardus Guyckinck I, a five year effort from 1725-30. Would that all who were so blind have their sight restored as effortlessly. Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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