Daily corona round-up

He’s not with us

Just as everyone in journalism circles is discussing the inherent bias of the crime beat, a TCB fan forces our hand.

We made a few dozen of these hoodies back in 2015 or so — everyone on staff has one but Sayaka, which is how we know this isn’t her. It make some sense as crime gear: a big pocket and generous hood. But the logo makes it distinct. Pro tip: Wear blank clothing when criming.

More abhorrent, two NC Republicans have said they’ll challenge vote counts from the House floor on Jan. 6, when the electoral votes are tallied. One of them, naturally, is Rep. Ted Budd. Guess who the other is?

They’ll need someone in the Senate to join them. Can Sen. Thom Tillis be far behind?

In North Carolina, the state has finally updated its alert system. And the news is not good: 65 counties in the red, which includes us. The numbers tell the tale.

The numbers

  • 5,255 new cases in NC, 488,902 total.
    • New hospitalization high: 3,001 people statewide.
    • 11.1 percent positive test rate.
  • Guilford County adds 525 cases today. Holy crap! 20,495 total.
    • 289 deaths (+11), 16,667 recoveries
    • 3,537 active cases, 202 of them hospitalized
  • Forsyth County brings in 245 more, for 18,770 total.
    • 207 deaths (+1), 15,425 recoveries
    • 3,138 active cases

A diversion

In honor of our most notorious reader, here’s a digital remastering of the 1992 silent film Robin Hood, starring Douglas Fairbanks. Very old Hollywood.

Program notes

  • “Jo, La Belle Irlandaise,” the Beautiful Irishwoman, was model Joanna Hiffernan, posing for Gustave Courbet in 1865. Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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