Daily corona round-up

The last night

I took yesterday off because of MLK and I’m running off balance today because of tomorrow, when the nightmare of the last four years is supposed to end. But I’ve been reading too many reports of militia members in the National Guard, stories about hate groups and such to assume anything tomorrow. I mean, Parler is even back up, sorta.

We did some reporting on Triad residents who went to DC for the Jan. 6 insurrection, and the FBI made its first arrest in NC today, in Kernersville.

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in at least a week, more like two. And the numbers continue to pile up,. though not quite as rapidly.

The numbers

  • NC has been on a downward trajectory for new cases since last Thursday, when we added almost 10,000. Today we have a more reasonable 4,058, making 684,497 total, with 65,927 of those as antigen-positive cases.
    • Recovery numbers updated today: 579,573, which, when factored with 8,139 deaths, makes 96,785 current cases.
    • Hospitalizations drop to 3,881.
    • 11.8 positive test rate, trending down.
    • We’ve got 60,073 who have completed both shots of the vaccine, and 344,456 who have had the first dose.
    • My parents are supposed to get theirs tomorrow in Guilford. We shall see.
  • The Guilford County dashboard is down.
  • How about this: Forsyth County adds just 74 cases today, lowest in a while. We’ve 256 deaths and no new recovery numbers since 1/9.
  • Do better, counties.

A diversion

As we say goodbye to Putin’s puppet, we visit a 1966 British classic, cast entirely with puppets: Thunderbirds are Go was based on a popular children’s TV show. They shot the whole thing in a month.

Program notes

Program notes

  • In contrast to tomorrow’s tantrum by an outgoing president, we have “Washington and Lafayette at Mount Vernon, 1784 (The Home of Washington after the War),” a portrait from Thomas Pritchard Rossiter in 1859 that better represents the dignity of the office. Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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