Daily corona round-up

The internet-outage edition

Looks like my internet is out. I’ve done all the things: turned wifi on and off; tried the different channels coming through the house, unplugged the router and plugged it back in. No dice on all of it.

I’m still writing the update, though, even if I have no means to look up the news, numbers and such, or with which to publish. Figuring I’ll get moving on it and maybe it will be back by the time I need it.

And if it comes down to it, I’ll just run it through my phone.

The real problems will start after I’m finished, when there will be three 21st Century humans in a house bereft of an internet signal.

UPDATE: Has been coming in and out sporadically. If you’re reading this, it’s working.

Some news

  • Following the example of Duke and Carolina, NC State and Wake Forest will not have spectators during home football games throughout September. No tailgating either.
  • We’re in Phase 2.5 in North Carolina, which means playgrounds can open, museums can open at 50 percent capacity and gyms, bowling alleys and skating rinks can have 30 percent occupancy. Everyone 5 and older must wear a mask in public.
    • Mass gathering limit is raised form 10 to 25 people.
    • Still no bars.

The numbers

  • Fuck man, 2,111 new cases in North Carolina today. We’ve got 169,424 cases total.
    • Our positive test rate, however, stands at 6.7 percent. This is good.
    • 2.763 dead. How many had comorbidities — that is, they had other maladies like diabetes or COPD in addition to COVID-19? Probably 94 percent, and just about all of them would not have died but for the coronavirus, so stop talking that shit.
  • Guilford County adds 137 today for 6,891. Of that total, 3,985 have recovered (+73, 57.83 percent) and 160 (+1, 2.32 percent) have died. There are 2,746 current cases in Guilford County (+63), 596 of them hospitalized (21.70 percent)
  • Forsyth County has 60 new cases for 6,220. Of those, 5,461 have recovered (+40, 87.8 percent), and 76 have died (+2, 1.22 percent). So 683 cases remain — no current hospital data.

A diversion

Let’s travel back to the 1990s and the height of mall culture in north Carolina with this short cvideo of the last days of High Point’s Oak Hollow Mall.

Program notes

  • or tonight’s featured image, we have “Grappling for the Lost Cable,” by Robert Charles Dudley, also a Brit, in 1866. Taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection. And hey: The Met is now open on Fifth Avenue in NYC, if you’re in town. Which is not very likely.
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