Daily corona round-up

To fish or cut bait

People are starting to get impatient — impatient with the lockdown, impatient with the people who are flouting the lockdown, impatient with the excruciating progress the coronavirus makes as it infests our land.

Is it time to lift some restrictions? Man, I don’t know. I’m a journalist, not an epidemiologist. But hey — South Carolina and Georgia are doing it. Gov. Roy Cooper is scheduled to make an announcement tomorrow at 3 p.m. regarding the path forward.

In anticipation of that, let’s take a look at the numbers.

The numbers

A diversion

I’ve been thinking a lot about newspapering these days, as one might imagine: about ethical coverage, about alternative revenue streams, about the essentiality of what we do in this war that can only be fought with accurate, timely information. We’ve started a new reader-donation model at Triad City Beat to better understand how to serve our readers. In honor of that, and newspapering in general, here’s the ultimate classic newspaper film, The Front Page from 1931, produced by Howard Hughes before he started collecting his own toenails.

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  1. From the rising numbers, think Gov Cooper would do well to take it slowly. Don’t rush to open, folks will drop precautions.

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