Daily corona round-up


Has it been an entire week since I’ve posted one of these “daily” updates? It has!

No regrets on this side. I needed the time off.

Meanwhile, I’ve been immersed in documents: Reading them. Creating them. Turning them from PDFs into JPEGS and back again. Copying from one and pasting into another.

It’s been a wild ride!

Just yesterday, I spent so much time on a single document — seven hours! Including breaks! — that by the time I was through I had no drive left with which to craft an update. On Monday I just straight-up forgot.

But the coronavirus has been swarming around us these last seven days, and the Thanksgiving numbers should be just starting to roll in. And there’s been quite a bit of news, but I’ll just fish a few items from the river for you.

Some news

The numbers

  • Let’s see… where were we? Ah yes, a week ago. In North Carolina, we’ve had more than 30,000 cases since then. Today we get 4,199, not a record but close enough. 349,280 total.
    • 315,979 recoveries as of Nov. 30.
    • 2,039 currently hospitalized, a new high.
    • 11.4 percent positive test rate.
  • Guilford County Registered 84 new cases today, 15,032 total. 11 died today for 239.
    • 13,824 recoveries, 967 active cases. 159 hospitalized. Big Jump today.
  • Forsyth County has 165 new cases. That’s a lot! 13,703 total. Two new deaths for 168.
    • 11,364 recoveries, 2,171 active cases, 73 hospitalized.

A diversion

How quickly a week went by! So here’s Seven Days in May from 1964, starring Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner and Kirk Douglas. It’s about a right-wing demagogue gone mad!

Program notes

  • How about a little van Gogh? This one’s “Shoes,” painted by the master in 1888. The shoes likely belonged to Patience Escalier, whose portrait he had recently finished. Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection. I think the subtitles are Portuguese?
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