Coronavirus daily update: Wednesday, Feb. 10

Daily corona round-up

Damning evidence

I’ve been watching the impeachment hearing all day, in between putting a newspaper together, cooking dinner and keeping up with my video-game responsibilities.

It’s an incredible narrative. I cannot take my eyes off of it. I’m watching through the New York Times, but it’s everywhere.

So sorry. Distracted by the fate of our nation. But I’m bringing the numbers anyway.

The numbers

  • A slight uptick in North Carolina today: 3,883 new cases. Call it the Super Bowl bounce. That gives us 805,898 total.
    • 10,181 deaths (+135)
    • 2,291 hospitalized, in steady decline since Jan. 13, when we had 3,992.
    • 7.9 percent positive-test rate, trending down.
  • Just 11 new cases in Guilford County? How is that possible?36,237 total. No new dead (435) and 4,559 active cases, down more than 500 from yesterday.
  • Forsyth offers 126 new cases, for 29,727; eight new deaths (307).

A diversion

No diversions tonight. We all need to be watching our government at work.

Program notes

  • “Portrait of a Man,” from Moretto da Brescia around 1525, marks the beginnings of a move towards secularism. This was about 20 years after da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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