Daily corona round-up

Holy shit

Do we still need to work during the coup? Short answer: Yes.

So I’m pulling myself away from Twitter for a few moments to drop an update, because the coronavirus doesn’t care about your feelings.

As for the events today — an armed insurrection in our nation’s capital, aided and abetted by the president, and also a double Democrat victory in Georgia… I can barely stand it. And I’m diving back into the news stream as soon as I type this sucker out.

What a time to be alive.

One great reason to avoid the coronavirus is to see what happens next. Meanwhile, the numbers march on.

The numbers

  • In North Carolina, 6,952 today, which used to be considered a lot. 582,348 total. With 7,076 deaths.
    • 3,893 hospitalized — yes, the most ever.
    • 17.8 positive test rate, the highest yet by a point or so.
  • Guilford County has got it together with their dashboard. So I know there have been 444 new ones today, for a total of 23,439, which includes 17,889 recoveries and 318 deaths (+6), leaving 5,230 active cases.
  • Forsyth? Not so much. I know there’s 222 new ones today, and 21,913 total, with 231 deaths. Their Facebook is reporting lower different numbers.

A diversion

Fuck your diversion. Here’s the PBS livestream — they’re voting on the electors now.

Program notes

  • Tonight we’ve got “Choosing the Dinner,” by Alexandre-Louis Laloir — French! — from 1872. Thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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