Daily corona round-up

Tied to a desk

They’re marching at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem right now — at least, that was the plan. And We thought we might be able to send someone out there, but time is more tight than usual on Wednesdays, which is when we put the paper together.

There’s no way for us — a small editorial staff of two full-timers, a part-timer and an untrained intern — to cover every protest, but we sure are trying.

For one, they are incredibly popular: We get thousands of views on our protest livestreams (with, admittedly, some very racist comments in the threads along with many more messages of support).

For another, we know it’s important to bear witness to these events which are shaping our times. We need to monitor police response, relay the messages of the organizers and, perhaps most important, let the people watching experience the events.

But today there was just no way. I, for one, am not going anywhere until I file this update. But I’m down for the next one, wherever and whenever it pops off.

Some news

  • Minor league baseball’s season has been canceled, by order of Major League Baseball — that means both the Greensboro Grasshoppers and Winston-Salem Dash are out this summer. And the High Point Rockers, who play in a league not affiliated with MLB, have also canceled their season, but are looking for opportunities to use the new stadium in other ways.
  • The NC GOP canceled its convention in Greenville, opting for a virtual event instead.
  • Gov. Cooper was supposed to make an announcement about the fall school semester, but instead he warned that the Fourth of July weekend will be a dangerous time for coronavirus.
  • In fact, it’s a dangerous time right now.

The numbers

  • A new record was set today in NC for new COVID-19 cases: 1,835, the most new daily cases yet, making 66,513 total diagnoses.
  • Guilford County is yielding 8 percent positive since March, but this week’s tests are at 20 percent.
  • Forsyth County testing is yielding 10 percent positive over time, with latest testing around 12 percent.
    • 81 new cases in Forsyth, making 3077, of which 1,952 have recovered (+32) and 35 deaths (+1).

A diversion

I’m digging the Perry Mason reboot on HBO — it’s like the fourth one. Perry Mason started as a radio show in 1943, has been in comic books and comic strips, and has been adapted for television three times, twice as a series and once as a set of made-for-TV movies. Full episodes of that 1950s series are tough to find an YouTube, but I found a 4-hour clip that has all of Season 4.

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