Daily corona round-up

The news cycle can wait

Oh my god I’m sick of the news. It just keeps coming, like a river of tainted water, and I’ve been swimming in it so long I’m starting to like the taste.

We’ve got a paper coming out tomorrow morning that’s just chock full of news. So I’m going to delve right into the numbers and then sign off after a long day of slapping my head.

The numbers

  • North Carolina registered 1,011 new cases today, discovered on 17,939 tests. That’s 5.63 percent, which is not too bad. We’re holding steady on available hospital beds, too.
  • Forsyth County has just 27 new cases. No new deaths, no new recoveries.
  • Guilford County added 74 new cases, for 1,853 total. But we’ve added 36 recoveries, for 964.

A diversion

Want to understand racial inequity, the school-to-prison pipeline and the structural inequality of our systems a little better? Watch 13th, the award-winning Netflix documentary that ties it all together pretty nicely.

Program notes

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