Daily corona round-up

Press day

It’s been 10 weeks since we put out a print edition, and it looks like we’re back just in time with tomorrow’s return to publication.

We’re a little bit rusty, but we got the pages off in what was supposed to be our Welcome Back Issue, but has become something very different, with recaps of the weekend, the editorial, Shot in the Triad, a crossword puzzle and more.

Pick up a fresh Triad City Beat in select distribution locations tomorrow morning all over the Triad…except for downtown Greensboro.

The city has removed all newspaper boxes from downtown streets — not a great time for it, because accurate, timely news is more important than ever, and downtown Greensboro is one of our most important areas of distribution and coverage. Half the paper is about downtown Greensboro this week. But people were picking them up and throwing them through windows, so I understand. They should be back in a matter of weeks.

I wrote the first Coronavirus daily update on March 19, because so much had happened between the time we put the newspaper to bed and the day it hit the streets, and I knew timely, accurate information would be at a premium, especially after we moved strictly to digital.

We’re back to business now, but if you don’t mind I’m going to keep filing these updates, even though some of the content — the numbers and some news items — will be in the paper every week. I’ve gotten in the habit, and the act of typing out some fresh news is comforting to me. Makes me feel like I’m doing something about all this, however futile.

And I still feel the same way about timely, accurate information.

Some news

  • The NC Senate is still pushing against Gov. Cooper’s coronavirus restrictions, this time with legislation that allows gyms, yoga studios and other fitness spaces to reopen, with minimal health requirements.
  • Worst event name ever: Brewgaloo
  • As you may have heard, President Trump pulled the Republican National Convention from Charlotte, scheduled for August, because Gov. Roy Cooper insisted on safety protocols during the pandemic. Naturally he did this in a tweet.

The numbers

Something to watch

Look for our livestream of tonight’s protests, coming from our Facebook page.

Program notes

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