Daily corona round-up

Lessons learned

Last night, just after I sent out the update, the state’s commitment to beginning Phase 2 this week solidified. And so tonight I waited until the governor’s press conference before putting out the word. I’m getting the info straight from his Twitter feed.

We’re taking a modified approach to Phase 2 — bars, nightclubs, movie theaters and gyms must remain closed. Restaurants and salons can open at 50 percent capacity, with mask and social-distancing restrictions in place. Swimming pools can open at 50 percent capacity. Gatherings must be limited to 10 people (indoors) or 25 (outdoors).

Press conference is live right now, so I don’t have a source document yet. But the the governor was clear that this is a floor — cities and counties may enact their own restrictions above and beyond these set by the state.

Surely there will be more tomorrow. For now, let’s hit the numbers.

The numbers

  • We’ve got 422 newly discovered cases today in North Carolina — that’s culled from 10,122 tests performed today. Inexact, sure, but that means 4.16 percent of those tested came up positive. That’s my numbers, anyway. The N&O says it’s 7.2 percent, though, and they’ve got deeper data.
    • Some great new data tools on this site.
    • Still, we’ve passed 20,000 cases, doubling in the last 12 days, which is not good and probably why we have a modified Phase 2.
  • Forsyth County continues to add new cases — 35 today for 773.
  • Guilford County has 931 total diagnoses, 27 new ones, with eight new recoveries (392), four new hospitalizations (163) and no new deaths (49).

A diversion

While everyone who has Disney+ is catching up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I want to remind my fellow Gen Xers what live-action superhero antics used to look like with the 1977 TV series “The Amazing Spider-Man.” I loved this show, even more than “The Incredible Hulk,” which was running around the same time, and I eagerly anticipated the spinoffs — Captain American and Thor, respectively — that never happened. Go down the rabbit-hole to find those old episodes. For now I’ve got the pilot, with the origin story and some non-canon tweaks.

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