Daily corona round-up

Sucks for the kids

I’ve mentioned that I have two kids at App State this year, a junior and a freshman, and so I’be been watching the school’s coronavirus dashboard like a stalker — just 18 current cases among students, by the way, which is outstanding considering homecoming, such as it was, was just last week.

And while I still feel that being at college and living in the dorms is better for them than staying in their childhood bedroom taking online classes from a distance, their college experience right now is nothing but a whisper of what it might have been. Take Halloween, for example, where even square kids like mine might be enticed into some costumed adventure.

It sucks for the little kids, too, who will not be getting the sort of trick-or-treating they deserve.

Some news

The numbers

  • It’s been a rough stretch: 2,253 new cases in NC today, for 255,693 total. There’s 34 new deaths for 4,245.
    • 6.9 percent positive test rate, down a full point from yesterday.
    • 1,193 hospitalized statewide.
  • Guilford County adds 140 new cases, making 11,181, with deaths holding steady at 199 and 6,366 recoveries, making 4,616 active cases.
  • Forsyth County adds 78 for 8,834. There’s 1,110 active cases, 7,615 recoveries and 119 deaths (+0)

A diversion

In honor of my kids at college, here’s 1938’s College Swing, with Burns & Allen and Bob Hope. My kids would hate this movie, in a good way.

Program notes

  • For tonight’s featured image, we’ve got “Jupiter, int he Guise of Diana, and Callisto,” by Francois Boucher, 1763. Taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s public-domain collection.
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