Diane Moffett, the senior pastor of St. James Presbyterian Church, has filed for mayor of Greensboro.

A co-chair of the Greensboro Faith Leaders Council and member of the Cone Health Board of Trustees, Moffett’s campaign website indicates that she wants to launch a Mayor’s Business Roundtable with the chamber of commerce and other agencies to stimulate employment, strengthen relationships between citizens and law enforcement, and collaborate with Guilford County to promote health.

Moffett’s entry in the race ensures that there will be a primary for mayor on Oct. 10. Nancy Vaughan, who has served two terms, has announced plans to seek re-election. John T. Brown, a conservative who has vocally criticized the current council and staff management of the city, was the first to file.

Filing closes at noon on Friday.


  1. It is manifestly unfair not to disclose the party affiliation of candidates for our government. I understand the intent but the reality is that we have one party rule here. There is no such thing as a nonpartisan government body.

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