Dianne Bellamy-Small with Robbie Perkins (center) (photo by Chris Nafekh)

by Chris Nafekh

Dianne Bellamy-Small announced her candidacy for District 1 Chair on Greensboro’s City Council during a press conference at Libby Hill Seafood on Randleman Road on Tuesday.

Bellamy-Small lost her seat to Sharon Hightower by a margin of 12 votes in 2013.

“I am a very direct person,” said Bellamy-Small. “I hope that my constituents would want that kind of honesty, directness, I will tell you the truth… most people think that political figures only say what they think people want to hear. I am not that kind of person.”

During her announcement, Bellamy-Small recalled a number of accomplishments from her 10-year representation of District 1. A piece of paper, filled front and back, boasted large body of work with the title “Inform, Empower, Engage.” Some of the work listed included her vision to combat domestic violence and homelessness and her emphasis on grassroots community leadership, but she noted a true victory in aiding the establishment of the Hayes-Taylor YMCA in Barber Park, a move made by city council while she was still serving on council.

Bellamy-Small’s campaign platform consists of four primary goals: job creation and economic development; infrastructure development and funding; strengthening collaborative partnerships with churches, non-profits and universities; and a promise to provide respectful and consistent response to citizens’ concerns.

Sitting behind a plate of cod, hushpuppies and tartar sauce, former Greensboro mayor Robbie Perkins gave Bellamy-Small his stout support.

“The biggest thing that I think she brings to the table,” Perkins said, “is her ability to recognize what a city council person is supposed to do and then execute vision and strategy on behalf of her constituents. She knows what the city organization can bring to the table…and uses her leadership to get that done.”

The candidate did not address the possibility that city council districts could be redrawn under a plan promoted by state Sen. Trudy Wade.

When asked how she will ensure her victory, the former councilwomen said “I think I’m already doing it. I’m letting you guys know that I’m serious, I’m in it to win, and if you look at my record it speaks for itself.”

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