Ed Cone is back

Ed Cone (artist's rendering)
Ed Cone (artist’s rendering)

It’s been a while since I hit Ed Cone’s blog, WordUp, on the reg. He took a lengthy hiatus, which got me out of the habit of checking it. And before that it had begun to devolve into a bunch of dicks screaming at Ed and making weird demands of him.

Still, I missed him when he was gone.

Ed gets smart people on his blog to weigh in on important topics. Despite the noise, which still persists, it’s a great environment for people who like full-contact online debate. But you need to know your stuff here — you can get called out at any time, by anyone. It can be brutal. And also hilarious.

Here’s a great thread that’s been running this week that has drawn voices as varied as bloggers Billy Jones and Keith Brown, economist Andrew Brod, calling out News & Record editor Jeff Gauger for… well, you’ll get the idea.

Anyway, the blog is a great pubic forum, and I’m glad it’s back.