Like a stubborn skid-mark that endures even after several washings, Greensboro resident Louis DeJoy remains as one of the last stinking vestiges of the Trump Administration.

And now, finally, with the appointment of two new members to the USPS Board of Governors, DeJoy can be removed from office.

It is a known thing that DeJoy was appointed as postmaster general to jam up the works at the US Postal Service before the 2020 Election, just one of many dirty tricks employed by the former president to subvert democracy and instill corrupt loyalists into the federal government.

Quality of service declined measurably under DeJoy’s tenure, with accusations of wage theft and record-setting executive bonuses highlighting a long list of aggravating circumstances.

The USPS has been under attack from the right since the Reagan Era, when Republicans began their campaign to privatize the post office for their friends in the logistics sector. This includes de Joy, who became a prolific fundraiser for GOP candidates while CEO of New Breed Logistics.

In 2006, under President GW Bush, the USPS was dealt a near-fatal blow: a requirement that its pension account be completely funded for the next 75 years, crippling it financially. This requirement is unique among all federal agencies.

It’s important to understand that the USPS is not a business, which is ruled by a profit motive, but a public service, the goal of which is to provide something useful at the lowest possible cost. Advocates of privatization often conveniently forget that every delivery service — FedEx, UPS, DHS, Amazon and virtually every other one — uses the spine created by the post office at some point in its distribution.

Think about it: For the price of a stamp, which is currently less than 60 cents, an agent will come your house, pick up a letter and deliver it anywhere in the entire country within a few days. Mail delivery is something the federal government actually does well, despite the fact that about 80 percent of what they deliver goes straight into the recycling bin — which is a subject for another day.

So the USPS will likely survive. But surely we have not seen the last of Louis DeJoy.

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