The 2020 Election is the election that just keeps happening, through agonizingly slow vote counts and ridiculous lawsuits, aggressive tweets and cowardly Republicans. And yet a president-elect has been declared; a transition is underway; we have already danced in the streets.

Sure, Trump and his minions would like nothing better than to steal this election from the American people, the ultimate “Up yours!” to lib-tards, RINOs, antifa and all the other factions that Trumpers don’t consider to be American — which, of course, is why Trump says their votes don’t count.

Pretending to win is a good strategy for the disgraced autocrat — Not a loser! — and his lackeys alike, who need the voter base energized for the impending Georgia runoff. Do they realize, though, that there is no endgame to this approach?

Understand: There is no mathematical means for Trump to overturn the results of this election. He’d have to overturn at least two states that have already been called by experts, including Pennsylvania where he’s down 47,000 votes, and then negate another 30,000 votes to overcome his deficits in Georgia and Arizona — which, by the way, have already been called for Biden by both the Associated Press and Fox News.

He’d have to pony up some cash. It’s $3 million for the Wisconsin recount alone, and the Trump team is desperate for cash. I doubt the Badger State would extend him credit.

And there is no legal remedy for his cause. Yes, Trump believes that he’s stacked the Supreme Court in his favor. But cases from each state in question — at least four and perhaps five — must eventually make it in front of the highest court in the land before they can throw the election. And as of Tuesday, Trump’s team has had its first 10 cases thrown out of court.

So, what are the rest of us to do while the children among us throw their tantrum? Unfortunately, we will have to suffer through this for at least another week while cases get filed and dropped. Until then, remind your Trump-loving friends that this contest has already been decided, and that the hole they’re digging will only get deeper until they put down the shovels.

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