Yeah, I’m saying it. And not in some cutesy way like all those losers say, “Let’s Go Brandon!” I’m saying it out loud, outright, articulating each word.

Mark Meadows should go fuck himself.

Meadows, of course, is Trump’s former chief of staff, facing criminal charges right now for his last-minute refusal to testify before a Congressional committee — an action technically and legally known as “contempt.” But just last week he handed over roughly 6,000 pages of memos, emails, text messages, PowerPoint presentations and other documents that document precisely what a piece of shit he is, rivaled only by his former boss.

Even Sean Hannity and Trump Jr. were horrified by the Jan. 6 Insurrection, according to text messages sent that day. But not Meadows, who seems as if he was willing to pursue just about any avenue to steal the election for Trump.

It was Meadows who perpetrated the rumor that “illegal aliens” voted in Arizona, Meadows who leaned on Georgia’s secretary of state to find more votes for Trump, Meadows who allegedly met with the author of the PowerPoint detailing the extreme path that could lead to Trump’s second term.

Crimes, these are! Un-American they are!

Meadows has been subverting American values for a long time. As a Congressman, he was at the forefront of the obstructionists to the Obama agenda. He moved to North Carolina from Florida to win that seat in the 11th District, which had just been redistricted from Democrat to Republican advantage by splitting the campus of Warren Wilson College down the middle. It’s the same seat now held by Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-Asheville), who can also go fuck himself.

But I digress.

Meadows started the House Freedom Caucus, which was dedicated to defeating Obamacare. He’s lied about his college degree. He said that Republicans who don’t back Trump should be removed from office. He kept a sexual predator on payroll after being forced to dismiss him. And on top of all that, he’s a general, all-around asshole who’s more than willing to burn it all down just so he can sit next to the king of the ashes.

Fuck this guy. And fuck everyone else who tried to take our country down on Jan. 6. Americans deserve no less.

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