1. No more in-person meetings before 10 a.m.

My entire morning routine used to take 25 minutes. But after a year of working at my kitchen table, it takes me twice as long, perhaps even thrice, to get cleaned up and out of the house. I can start online meetings as soon as 8:05, but please understand I have only been out of bed for five minutes.

2. The bar for “business casual” has been lowered.

Business casual now includes sweatpants and hoodies, but not at the same time. Hard shoes are for weddings only now. And if I’m getting dressed up — which I haven’t in more than a year — it will be for a fancy event and not a sales meeting. I generally will not be shaving more than once a week.

3. Half-hour is the new hour

Pre-pandemic, an hour was the default timeframe for a business meeting. Now it’s 30 minutes. I’m not saying we can’t go the full hour, I’m just asking if we really need to.

4. Be vaxxed.

This should go without saying, but here we are. We’re on the back half of a deadly, global pandemic and we have three life-saving vaccines readily available — for free! — all over the Triad. You’re not ready to do business (not with me, at least) unless you’ve gotten the full treatment.

5. Don’t perpetuate the Big Lie

I will not be doing business with anyone who thinks that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. If that’s your jam, you don’t deserve to be in front of our readers.

6. Make me an offer!

Triad City Beat has a role to play in the gradual resurgence of our local economy, and also a responsibility. So I’m slashing rates for businesses most affected by the pandemic: bars and restaurants, music clubs, theaters, galleries, events and such. And I’m giving longtime clients a couple free ads upon their return to our pages. Shoot me an email and I’ll likely hook you up.

7. The power of digital

The pandemic ushered in one of the biggest changes in our readership: We now have more online readers than in print. So if you want to talk business with me, be prepared to hear all about it.

8. As always…

One thing hasn’t changed. At TCB, content drives advertising and never the other way around, so please don’t ask for a “little write-up” before you consider advertising with us. Don’t pitch me stories about your friends or come at me with problems regarding our editorial positions. Our readers are here for the content, not the ads.

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