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Singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter was one of the top artists in 2014, and to no surprise, she earned millions of dollars in 2013. In the past she has played major roles in movies — not saying that she played them well — but she played them.

One of the most controversial topics that seems to emerge in today’s pop culture is whether or not she is a positive role model to young girls.

Many people who keep up with the entertainment industry are aware of all the different accomplishments that Beyonce has made throughout her career as a singer — from the No. 1 hit record to speaking positively to women and girls who listen to her music.

It is kind of hard to think Beyonce is not a positive role model when she does not come out in the public dressed in a sexual way. She should get some praise for carrying herself in a respectable manner, right? It is 2015 and sex is selling just as it was in the ’90s. Yes, Beyonce can be sexy, but through her most recent self-titled album, we now know that she is only sexy for her man. That’s what the whole damn album was about.

From the way the family acts in public, everything is peaches and cream in the Knowles-Carter family, but of course we know they are still human; we all have some kind of problems. She shows people that good values and healthy relationships matter. All she ever intends for us to see is her loving up on her husband and daughter, and loving her family and friends. Through the pictures, she seems so passionate and genuine. Being family oriented and having that solid foundation is important. She keeps her personal life private, and when something about her or her family gets out, like her sister beating up on her husband in an elevator, she might go as far as getting the “leaker” fired. Do we really expect her life to be a fairytale?

And Bey has pure talent. I mean, who else do you know in this day and age that can still dance at full speed and sing at the same time? I’ve seen it in person; it is real! And seriously, Beyonce performed for the president himself. Okay, dancing for the man in charge is a big deal.

For many years she has been a CEO for her own brand; she has a clothing line and a fragrance. She has even patented words, like “bootylicious” and “blue ivy.” Funny how one who did not go to college can achieve these kinds of goals, right? Right.

So, it is not hard to tell that I am a Beyonce fan. I have my reasons — basically everything I have just said about her, besides the fact that I love her music. She is a positive role model in today’s society. Her music is inspiring. She sings with all of her heart, and it makes me feel like those emotions were real when she recorded the song. That is what music is supposed to do.

Nia Hill is a senior at UNCG majoring in sociology and is also an investigative reporting intern at Triad City Beat.

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