jorgeby Jorge Maturino

The other day TCB Editor in Chief Brian Clarey said jokingly that someone was crazy for working some sort of job that he did not relate to. Well, I told him, Eric and Jordan that they were all crazy themselves for wanting to be writers. In school I absolutely dreaded writing. I followed the slogan of Gaston in Beauty and the Beast: “How can you read this Belle, there are no pictures?”

There’s something seriously wrong with all of them.

Let’s start at the top of the hierarchy of craziness here. Anthony Harrison read the dictionary when he was a teenager. The whole thing. Need I say more? Well, I guess I will: When he watches different clips on YouTube he will laugh hysterically in the middle of the office and have to share what happens with others.

Nicole Crews — come on, you’ve seen her column in the back. She is not afraid to let her thoughts drift out on that page. (Since she’s not in the office, I don’t have as much on her.)

Eric Ginsburg stands at 6-foot-4 and can’t shoot crumpled paper balls into the trashcan from six feet away! He should be ashamed of himself; I mean, of course you know he played basketball at some point. Okay, that is a different type of crazy. How about the fact that his desk consists of two chairs? He is extremely territorial over these two chairs as well. When he comes into the office he’ll throw you out if you are in his seat, similar to one of the scenes from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” when Jazz would get tossed out by Uncle Phil.

Jordan Green is so crazy I am afraid to share, but here goes nothing. You should hear this guy interrogate people on the phone. He is not intimidated by any authority figure. No matter what their level is, he will call them out on their crap. Craziness must be a requirement for an investigative journalist though; the crazier you are, the better writer you must be. Let’s just say Jordan must be one of the best writers out there.

Brian Clarey, he’s all over the place. If you saw his desk it is a disaster — no organization at all. Maybe the fumes from the mold growing in coffee cups on his desk might be doing something to his brain. During production day, when you ask him a question, there is normally a two-minute delay before a response is gathered. Brian may not be diagnosed ADHD but since my oldest son is severe ADHD, my best guess would be “Definitely.” Growing up in Long Island and being a bartender in New Orleans must have added to his craziness. [Ed. Note: Is there such a thing as attention surplus disorder?]

Even though I work with crazy people, I do respect the writers at this paper for their contribution to the Triad. Regardless of how crazy writers are, having to put your words out there for the public to criticize cannot be easy. No thanks. It would be much simpler to draw some colorful picture with splotches of paint, different brushstrokes and drops of paint crawling down the canvas. I would call it art and say I was inspired by watching my wife dance barefoot in the rain. Yeah, I guess that is crazy, so maybe we are all crazy at Triad City Beat. Hope you enjoy our craziness; I know I do.

Jorge Maturino is the art director at Triad City Beat.

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