Cynthia Davis by Cynthia Davis

I cannot even begin to imagine the depths of what it takes to put on the color blue in times of violence and as cries for justice are raised across our country, but I am very proud to know courageous men and women that do. I have known many of our officers for 20 years or more. I am blessed by their professionalism and their love for their fellow man. It takes a special kind of courage to serve and protect the lives and rights of others. I see it in the committed lives and longevity of service by so many. I just wanted to say: Thank you.

I believe that the relationships our officers have built will be manifested in the community looking to their continued leadership. I know they will not be disappointed. How do I know this? Well, our officers are fighting the good fight against drugs, domestic violence, violent crime and the like, all in the shadows of violence and cries of justice that have occurred in other cities and states. All of which could have led to extended protests and violence here, but I believe the reason they have not occurred here is because of the diligence, commitment and the strong relationships that our police department and our citizens continue to build together.

I believe that most officers try to deal with each encounter or incident as carefully, cautiously and in as informed a manner as they possibly can. Our officers have been well trained and are reminded every time a shift-change occurs to remember their oath and training techniques in order to protect themselves and the citizens they serve. No officer I know wants to take a life or to see loss of life.

A special note to the men and women in blue: Keep up the good work and know that if there is anything I can do, anything at all, please do not hesitate to call. My thoughts and prayers are with you, as you continue to serve with integrity, courage and with a deep love for your fellow man.

A special note to High Pointers: As a community of such great diversity, we must not use a broad brush on all law enforcement officers or citizens. We must recognize that High Point is continually striving to build relationships and these relationships make us a stronger community. You are changing lives as you continue to give of yourself in some small way every day. Thank you.

A special note to our media outlets: It is paramount that you be accurate in your reporting of the news, as lives are on the line. The lives of our officers and the lives of our citizens are at the mercy of your very fingertips. Thank you for keeping us all informed.

Let us continue to build relationships one person at a time, because I like many of you believe that all lives matter.

Cynthia Davis is an at-large member of High Point City Council.

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