On Tuesday, March 9, the COVID-19 Community Vaccination Center at the Four Seasons Town Centre opened. The address is 410 Four Seasons Town Centre, Greensboro, NC. According to the ND DHHS website, “this site will help the state continue its effort to vaccinate more marginalized and underserved communities. The federal government will provide the center’s vaccine supply, which will be in addition to North Carolina’s weekly allotment from the Centers for Disease Control. It will operate seven days a week with the capacity to provide up to 3,000 vaccinations per day, with options for drive-thru service in the parking lot and service at an indoor clinic.

“Guilford County was selected for a vaccination site by FEMA and the CDC as an area with significant underserved or marginalized populations, using a range of criteria including the Centers for Disease Control Social Vulnerability Index (CDC SVI), historical COVID-19 community impacts and the current rate and pace of equitable community vaccinations.”

To make an appointment at the site or to learn more about getting vaccinated, visit here.

All photos by Carolyn de Berry.

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