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For as long as it’s existed, North Carolina A&T State University’s homecoming has had a list of unwritten rules for students, alumni and Aggie fans to follow and navigate the week with ease. In September 2013, A&T alumni Benjamin Robinson, a video producer and content creator and Darren Brand, a comedian better known for appearing on improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out, created the Instagram page GhoeDosAndDonts and posted original videos comically portraying scenarios that may happen during homecoming, like running into the Aggie by association — the person who can’t state their graduation year because while their parents, siblings and cousins attended A&T, they did not.

Since its creation, the account has grown to boast more than 23,000 followers and has inspired Aggie alumni from various classes to follow Robinson and Brand’s advice and even come up with a few of their own tips for personal safety, financial planning and having fun.

Tyler Ball: A GHOE DO: Go to the YouTube channel of GHOE Do’s and Don’ts and watch the content. This is original content created and produced by A&T alumni: Wild ‘N Out Comedian Darren Brand and Photojournalist Benjamin Robinson.

5. Check the weather and layer up. Prepare for warmer and cooler temperatures throughout the day.

4. Wear comfortable shoes. You WILL be walking all day!

3. Meet people and NETWORK, even at homecoming. You never know who you will see. Many alumni have changed lives because of GHOE. Jobs have been earned and marriages have been established.

2. SAFETY FIRST. Designated drivers are a critical part of the weekend. Make sure that you schedule your rides. And choose less populated areas to be picked up.

1. The game has been sold out since September. But if you did not score a ticket, you can come to the tailgates on Laurel Street, plus visit the vendors and enjoy live music at Aggie Fan Fest at War Memorial Stadium.

Rohelio Grimes: Eat before drinking. Eat while drinking. Eat after drinking. Remember your age and respect Father Time. He’s still the champ!

Don’t forget to eat!

Michael Bradford-Calhoun: Buy all your tickets early, carpool and have cash to find parking.

Reginald Mitchem: Don’t wait to buy anything (tickets, outfits, lodging, etc.) last minute.

Fred Jones: Don’t come and go ALONE! Support and buddy system seems corny but life saving.

Brianna Armstrong: HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!!

Damon Jones-Way: WRAP IT UP!!!!

Isaiah Barco: Buy ahead of time, and be sure to go in a group. Never go alone.

DeSean Little: As Aggies were all family so we gotta look out for each other’s safety.

Angelica Owens: Buy things in advance, get to functions an hour or more ahead of time to avoid long lines, and go in groups but if you do go alone, share your location with your loved ones so they know where you’re at ALWAYS. Be a safe drinker so you are aware of your surroundings. If you leave your cup down get a new one

Jerrell Leeper: Buy everything in advance (hotels/Airbnbs, tickets to events, alcohol, etc), drink plenty of water, travel in groups and have cash for parking to name a few.

Hector Gray: Make sure you take a lot of pictures!!!

Joshua Thigpen: When Greeks (members of Greek letter organizations) are strolling, don’t break line, meaning when you see a group of people doing a synchronized dance or movement in a line, try not to cut into that line. Do not imitate or put on paraphernalia of an org you aren’t involved in.

Audrey Hardy: Do visit the vendors. Don’t be in a hurry to get anywhere; It ain’t happening. Give yourself extra time to get everywhere if you need to be on time.

Ashley Green: Buy events and tickets ahead of time. Don’t be broke during GHOE. If you’re a student, go to class. Professors know y’all are going to skip. They usually make up a quiz/test. Swag Surfing is a must even if you get tired of it. Stay out of Riverwalk (present-day Cottages at Greensboro Apartments) house parties (whatever it’s called now). Summit will be packed, so find food elsewhere. Eat before you drink. Call an Uber/Lyft if needed

Alesheia Nsenga: Do get your GHOE tickets early.

Chantal Fleming: Put your days off well in advance. Attend Aggie Fan Fest at [World] War Memorial [Stadium]; Must-see attractions. Support the parade. Don’t wear heels to the game. Don’t depend on a game ticket being available the day of the game. Enjoy the various alumni events throughout the city. Support small businesses.

Alita Sutton: Make sure to take a recovery day! I’m just saying!

Christy Walker: Don’t take a nap after the game/yard. You will wake up at like 2 a.m. and miss everything, or so I’ve heard!

Shawnee Haney: Secure a hotel room immediately when next year’s homecoming date is announced as a backup in case you don’t secure a Sheraton room later. Take the Monday after homecoming off. Pay ALL your bills before homecoming; There is always an unplanned purchase you just gotta have. Plan your events to attend early and secure tickets. As for the game, just become season ticket holders.

Vivian Dennis: Park in designated parking only! I say again… park in designated parking only. Just had a conversation with a towing company. He said he knows a company that made $100,000 last year. Yes, ma’am, this was during GHOE weekend. It was $300 to get possession.

Ra’Anne Davis: Do: Get your outfits ahead of time. Get tickets for all of the events ahead of time. Plan out your week starting Thursday. Buy your favorite adult drink ahead of time because on the weekends the ABC store will be out. Get your hotel/Airbnb months in advance.

Don’t: Show up to campus on Saturday after 5-6 p.m. You’ve missed the fun. Don’t drive drunk.

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