Giddens is already at work on her next album, which she says will contain more original work. Her songwriting, she says, is grounded in her poetry writing. She’s pulling from a cloud of sonnets she’s written to form songs, a few of which she said are already locks for the next recording. As for the Carolina Chocolate Drops as a stand-alone unit, there are no plans to put them on the backburner if this solo tour goes as well as expected.

“Since I started associating with T Bone, since I’ve entered that world, I’ve learned to just not plan too far ahead, to do what’s in front of you,” Giddens said. “Do the thing that you’re doing right now as successfully as you can. At some point along the journey, the next thing will become clear.”

Rhiannon Giddens’ US tour comes to Charlotte on Wednesday and Durham on Thursday. There are no Triad dates as of yet. Find out more at

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