List: How our reps reacted to Trump’s disaster in Helsinki

The Rev. Mark Walker celebrates with his family at the Airport Marriott in Greensboro on election night.

1. Sen. Richard Burr (R, retiring at the end of his term in 2022)
“Vladimir Putin is not our friend and never has been. Nor does he want to be our friend. His regime’s actions prove it.” (via Twitter)

2. Sen Thom Tillis (R, up for re-election 2020)
“There cannot be any equivocation: Vladimir Putin is to blame for Russia’s poor relations with the United States and the rest of the free world. It is Putin’s regime that illegally invaded Crimea, props up Assad’s murderous regime in Syria, assassinates dissidents on foreign soil, and meddles in the elections of the United States and its European allies….” (from a released statement)

3. Rep. Ted Budd (R-13th Congressional District, up for re-election in November)
“I support President Trump’s effort in attempting diplomacy with Putin, and it’s my hope that the president’s rhetoric in the coming weeks and months will be in line with his administration’s actions.” (reported in the Salisbury Post)

4. Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-5th Congressional District, up for re-election in November)
“The findings of our nation’s intelligence agencies and the House Committee on Intelligence leave no doubt that Russia maliciously attempted to influence our elections. The US-Russia Summit was an opportunity to hold Putin accountable for his attacks on our country’s interests and to put him on record for his indiscretions. His disregard for American values and tyranny precludes a relationship necessary to achieve diplomatic goals. This was an opportunity for the president to take a strong stance for American interests and condemn the actions of a foreign adversary.” (released statement)

6. Rep. Mark Walker (R-6th Congressional District, up for re-election in November)
“Diplomacy should be pursued but it’s crucial to remember Putin’s record of human rights violations. I have met with dozens of parliamentary members in Eastern Europe warning us of Putin. We must continue monitoring the cyber-security attacks by Russia, China and other bad actors.” (via Twitter)

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