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Local architect Peter Freeman has been working with International Market Centers on a conceptual design for a new park between Showplace and the Mendenhall Transportation Terminal in downtown High Point.

The Las Vegas-based showroom giant and the city unveiled the concept last week. Company representatives and city leaders have been discussing the project, nicknamed “Lotus,” for “several months,” according to a press release from International Market Centers.

The park, which would include a stage with a rotating base, would be used for entertainment during the twice-yearly furniture market, and would be available for programming by the city the rest of the year.

“IMC is fully supportive of efforts to redefine the Market District, and to reenergize and revitalize downtown High Point,” said Bob Maricich, the company’s president and CEO, in a prepared statement. “We will continue to invest in the High Point market in the years to come and want to fully integrate our efforts into an exciting venue for the community. An outstanding addition to the urban landscape, the event area will bring a new sense of excitement and energy to the heart of the market and draw more people downtown outside of market dates. We hope this new venue will be a catalyst for more ventures and growth.”

Mayor Jim Davis applauded the initiative by International Market Centers.

“The city welcomes the opportunity to work with IMC to develop these valuable assets into a year-round destination for our local citizens as well as offering attractions that bring visitors into the market district at times other than market. Their offer to partner with the city reflects an outstanding example of corporate generosity.”

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  1. Friday news flash, no news casters involved.
    Done deal: the city is paying for it all and another High Point “done deal” is officially sealed with the financing taxpayer not being asked one thing in approval.
    More of our recently borrowed money, again without our permission, to be spent soon, and the bills just keep piling up.
    Life in the state’s most expensive city.

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