3. High Point

If you can’t sell the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to the property owners in your city, then you have a real problem, especially when your council votes on the matter along racial lines.

2. Greensboro

Greensboro moves up in the Power Ranking this week not only because High Point stepped in it, but also because we seem to be giving the notion of a police-review board a little more than the usual lip service. But the key is subpoena power, and it’s unlikely that will ever be on the table in a town like this one.

1. Winston-Salem

Rumors of Winston-Salem’s RJ Reynolds corporation pursuing a buyout of Greensboro’s Lorillard sent both stocks surging. Reynolds is a much bigger company, but Lorillard makes Newports, the No. 2 brand of cigarettes in the country, behind Marlboro Lights, which are Virginia smokes.

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