I was retired. Happily retired. After more than 45 years in business and 30 years running Broach & Company, a marketing communications agency, I spent my time volunteering for not-for-profit organizations that I love, such as the Arc of Greensboro and One Step Further, and I was enjoying it. After selling my building in downtown Greensboro that housed the Broach Theatre for 25 years, I still wanted to be involved in the creative scene so I joined the board of Touring Theatre of North Carolina.

Almost a year ago my friend Brian Clarey asked me to dinner at Café Europa. He told me his idea of starting a new Triad-wide weekly newspaper. It would be focused on unbiased journalism, investigative reporting and comprehensive coverage of the arts scene in all three cities of the Triad. His vision was clear, his excitement contagious. I thought he was just coming to me for advice, but no — he wanted me to be the publisher! I really wanted to turn him down; I was quite comfortable in my retirement. But he wouldn’t hear it.

And being a sucker for new ventures I had to say yes.

Since then we have spent hundreds of hours developing Triad City Beat, and now it is a reality. Brian has assembled an awesome editorial team: Jordan Green and Eric Ginsburg know the market and the needs and desires of our readers. I will be working with Maria Recio and Ellen Kern to generate the advertising to support our endeavor, because a paper like this cannot survive without community support. Jorge Maturino, a wonderful designer, has worked for Pace Communications and the Northwest Observer. It is a formidable team indeed.

What is uniquely wonderful about our venture is that all equity shareholders in the business are members of the team. Everyone has a job. None of us are rich, but we are starting with money in the bank and no debt.

I am proud of this team and this project. I look forward to watching it come to life and become an important part of the Triad, keeping our neighbors informed about our cities. And then, maybe someday, I can retire.

— Allen Broach

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