1. A single permit

Fox 8 News reported last week on Winston-Salem busker Julian Robson, a street musician who was chased off the downtown corner of Spruce and Fourth streets because he didn’t have enough permits. Fox 8 reported that Robson was told he needed to secure “several more permits, including a foot-peddler license and an open-air permit” in order to perform on city streets. We think one permit ought to do it.

2. Can’t block public sidewalks

It’s just common sense to require street musicians not to interfere with the public’s right of way on busy, pedestrian thoroughfares. Bad for business. Bad for Winston-Salem.

3. Keep the area clean

Prospective buskers should be tasked with keeping their performance areas clean. We shouldn’t have to require this, because it’s a standard rule of showbiz, but not everyone is a professional, right?

4. Learn CPR and basic first aid

Why not? They want to be out on the public sidewalk, they should be prepared to help if someone chokes on a street dog or gets sliced up with a broken bottle.

5. Carry a firearm

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it, amirite?

6. No “Wagon Wheel”


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