3. Greensboro

You blew it, Greensboro. A Trader Joe’s was right there in the offing, and you couldn’t find a suitable location for the project? All of Greensboro’s council members ran on economic development, and they’ve never seemed to have a problem inserting themselves into potentially big deals involving outside corporations in the past. What went wrong?

2. Winston-Salem

The Camel City moves to the back of the pack after little egg on its face in this week’s cover story (“MLK Drive’s ghost project”) about a recipient of city funds who up and disappeared. Good news is that the city recouped the land, and there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for this western post of the Triad.

1. High Point

We’re giving this one to High Point in advance, assuming that a strong coalition of white residents will stand with the African-American contingent in giving the city a street named after Martin Luther King Jr. Like King himself, they will turn the tide of history, as a white majority on council plans on voting the project down at the meeting on Monday, March 17 at the Municipal Building. Seriously, if we can convince just one person to go and speak out, we’ll consider this ranking a success.

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