by Joanna Rutter

Let us find you love, TCB readers. 

Diabolical romantic mastermind and gleeful matchmaker Eric Ginsburg — also TCB’s associate editor, but “gleeful matchmaker” is what I wish he put on his business cards — is exploring the supposed scarcity of eligible bachelors in the Triad hetero dating scene in this week’s cover story.

In one of the many Facebook message conversations in which Eric regretted hiring me as an intern, he and I discussed the possible mass riots of single people that could follow this story, potentially entailing outcry from vindicated women at having their worst suspicions confirmed, and self-proclaimed “decent guys” indignantly broadcasting their availability.

So, to avoid a romantic apocalypse, we thought it’d be a good idea to not only give a home to all of those frustrations outside of a comments section, but to harness the excellence of our readership to pair you all up, as friends, or as so much more.

We propose to you: the Connection Section, an irregular column for good people to connect to other good people. A classy classifieds.

Though the impetus for this special matchmaking section is hetero dating woes, this Connection Section would be all-inclusive for anyone on a spectrum of gender, orientation, or level of romantic/platonic interest. Want to go get a beer at that new brewery in High Point? Like going to art galleries with someone who doesn’t speed through an exhibition? Wanna talk politics with someone not on the internet? There’s a really good chance a fellow unattached TCB reader out there is willing.

After all, if you’re reading this, you both probably share an interest in caring about your local community and being engaged citizens. That’s not something you could glean from a Tinder profile.

We’ve set up a private email, [email protected], for any interested parties; You can write in telling the world a little bit about yourself, which Triad city you live in, and what you’re looking for, (“I’m a 20-something woman interested in marathoning “Firefly” with someone who would hold my hand during those creepy Reaver scenes”), along with a title for your submission (“W-S gal in search of a canoodling buddy”). We’ll take it from there.

If we get enough decent submissions, it could be enough to convince the rest of our team that we should print them in an upcoming issue. So the rest, readers, is up to you.

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