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2503 Spring Garden St. GSO 336.617.5185

Greensboro Chef Kris Fuller cuts a singular profile around town: a dapper boi with tattoos and metal and a porkpie hat, and more often than not a custom set of knives tucked under her arm.

She gets recognized, both literally and figuratively, everywhere she goes — most recently, she was awarded a 40 Under 40 award by the Triad Business Journal.

Fuller’s distinctive style can be seen in everything she touches, most notably her three Crafted installations in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, and the other menus in the area she’s curated.

But while those other places are the sorts of endeavors where she might work, Bites & Pints Gastropub, her newest concept, is more the kind of place she likes to hang out.

Fuller’s involvement with Bites & Pints Gastropub was crystal clear and right up front. She’s the owner, and partner Mike Bosco, renowned for his work at Westerwood Tavern, would handle the back end of the house while she worked her magic.

Kris designed the space to suit her needs, and drilled down to make sure the menu was on point. And then, seven months ago, they opened for business.

She leaned into the gastropub concept in the same way she did with the taco at the original Crafted restaurant, the way she did with with street food in Crafted’s second incarnation, and even harkened back to her days at the Bistro in Adams Farm for inspiration.

“Some people don’t understand what a gastropub is, exactly,” she says now from a stool at the bar at B&P. “What it is is bar food, but done with a little more care and attention.

“It’s kind of like what I did with the tacos,” she continues. “I took that fine-dining background and applied it to a concept that everybody can enjoy.”

So there is definitely a deep fryer in the kitchen, but they’re dropping tempura-battered shrimp and red-and-white onion rings in the baskets. The Philly steak sandwich is made from sliced brisket, the same brisket that’s blended with short rib to make their burgers — a fantastic burger menu in a town full of great burgers. Old-timers who remember the Spring Garden Street location from its time as Fat Dogs would be pleased to find a good list of hot dogs on the menu, and perhaps even more pleased to find that one of them has avocado on it.

“I knew we had to do a range of the usual suspects,” she says. “Gotta have a burger menu. Gotta have hot dogs. Gotta have great appetizers. But I wanted to take what people expect from bar and grill food, mash it up a little bit and then present it as something unexpected.”

A genuine po-boy. An Asian hot dog with house-made Asian slaw. A goat-cheese melt with red-onion jam. Chicken-and-waffle sliders. Even the condiments are made on the premises.

Her personal favorite is a burger: the green-chile burger, with queso fresco, avocado, pickled onions, cheese sauce and cilantro, with a definitive layer of green chiles.

It’s basically a taco on a burger. And like the chef herself, it’s the only one like it in town.kris fuller/Todd Turner Photography

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