1. Zinzendorf Grizzette — Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company, (W-S)

The name of a beer can sometimes be just as unique as its flavor. Hell, sometimes the names are just fun say or are intriguing enough to make you want to try the beer for its name alone. Here’s one: Zinzendorf Grizzette a nice black raspberry tart rye brew.

2.The Beet Gose On — Small Batch (W-S)

Who created the better song with this title, the Whispers or Sonny and Cher? Side note: This would also be a perfect way to get a momma’s boy or daddy’s girl to eat their veggies at the young age of 40. This music themed veggie infused brew utilizes red beets and coriander to provide a “lactic acid tartness”.

  1. Dead and Berried — Foothills Brewing (W-S)

See what they did there? This brew contains a load of Oregon blackberries that help to level out the hints of coffee flavor of the stout that had the pleasure of aging gracefully in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels.

  1. Sexual Chocolate — Foothills Brewing (W-S)

There’s no denying it — there is just something sexy about chocolate, and this particular brew oozes sex appeal with its cocoa infused espresso, molasses and sweet toffee smoky looking self. It doesn’t hurt that the name derives from the band in Eddie Murphy’s hilarious Coming to America, either.

  1. Boarrior IPA — Pig Pounder Brewery (GSO)

“Boarriors, come out to play!” All of the beer names here nod to the brewery’s title, including this one that makes me think of the classic flick The Warriors. This malty rebel IPA is said to have some bite, and is made with Warrior hops.

  1. Hoofenweizen — Pig Pounder Brewery (GSO)

This hoppy wheat ale is just fun to say. Try saying it three times fast. Maybe take a swig of the seasonal brew to really get the giggles going.

  1. Chocolate Milk — Joymongers (GSO)

Once upon a time, being able to grab a chocolate milk to accompany the rectangle pizza before the cafeteria ran out was the highlight of a school lunch. Blending chocolate with beer is nothing new, but it’s hard not to love the name of this milk stout.

  1. Hypothesis of Failure — Gibbs Hundred (GSO)

This concoction came about as a result of a freak accident, which probably means that this aromatic light body tropical fruit IPA is amazing because accidents usually lead to the most beautiful creations.

  1. Fox-in-the-Morning — Gibbs Hundred (GSO)

There are so many ways to run with this that it may be best just to leave the name here and walk away from this peppery aromatic farmhouse ale.

  1. Blueberry Cobbler Belgian — Brown Truck Brewing (HP)

While blueberry cobbler may be a common indulgence, five pounds of blueberries per barrel is sure to exceed any dessert lover’s expectations.

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