1. I like to iron my clothes

Recently I found myself on a trip with a group of individuals who referred to themselves as millennials. Before their clarification I simply saw them as classmates. While on our trip I happened to leave the ironing board out in the hotel room we shared, and when they walked into the room they commented in horror at the sight. I immediately apologized for leaving the ironing board and ironing up in the middle of the floor, however that wasn’t why they scoffed. Instead they told me that their shock was the fact that the iron was present at all because no one ironed anymore. It was then that I realized that at 39, I might be old.

  1. I feel the need to arrive 15 minutes early

I was raised to believe that if you were on time for an appointment then you were late. While I will admit that there are plenty of times that I arrive to activities on time, I will also say that it makes my skin crawl when this happens and I browbeat myself for technically being late in the eyes of my elders. It perplexes me that those younger than me cut it so close when they have places to be.

  1. I wear stockings (not to be confused with tights)

I’m sorry, but I just feel that there is a time to wear stockings. Although this time is not with sandals or open-toe shoes, it makes for a polished look when wearing business pieces that consist of skirts or dresses or on those special occasions that call for fancy gowns or extravagant dresses.

  1. I bathe daily

Is an explanation truly needed? Well maybe it is. I find that certain groups of young people do not find it necessary to bathe every day. Daily activities mixed with my body’s reaction to the weather don’t always create a pleasant reaction, and my nose is sensitive to the product of this collision. I don’t want to judge; I am just not sure I want to stand next to you if you have chosen not to bath for a couple days after hanging around outside with your buds.

  1. My music choices are now considered Oldies

I’m not sure what has happened to my ears, but I find myself shunning the local radio stations more and more in search of something different. Oddly enough I find I’m now listening to music created years ago and rocking out as if I was there when it was being recorded. My vinyl collection, which has now grown absurdly above 300, encompasses such greats as Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, the Standells, Janis Joplin, “American Bandstand” compilations, Captain and Tennille, Pearl Bailey, Nat King Cole, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater and John Mayall. Am I getting old?

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