by Eric Ginsburg

1. You’re already here…

That’s pretty convenient, amirite? But seriously, in your time here, even if it only lasted a few years, you probably pushed beyond the campus’ boundaries a few times. Maybe you found a café where you like getting work done, figured out where some solid house shows happen or interned with a local organization. That’s worth something.

2. …but there’s a lot to explore…

Chances are still high that you don’t know Winston-Salem, High Point or Greensboro very well, even if you grew up in the Triad. Much has changed here in the years since you started school, and our cities have a tendency to submerge their best assets beneath the surface. So start digging.

3. …and we know you.

Each Triad college has a relatively extensive network of alumni in the area. As a Guilford College grad, I quickly found common ground with people — including the sheriff and former mayor — who also attended my alma mater. If you tell people here you graduated from UNCSA or Bennett College, it means something. That won’t be true in Brooklyn, Portland, Austin or other hip cities for young people.

4. There’s a lot of perks…

The Triad is brimming with pretty awesome things, enough that I could fill pages and pages telling you about them. Oh wait, that’s kinda what we do every week. Flip through a few copies of TCB and you’ll see what I mean.

5. …but we need your help.

Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point talk a lot about wanting to retain young people. And we — I’m only 26 so I’m allowed to say “we” — can exert some significant influence here. Plenty of young people already are: Winston-Salem City Councilman Derwin Montgomery graduated college the same year I did, and Greensboro Councilman (and A&T grad) Jamal Fox is only 25. Other people are running the music scene, opening businesses, and fighting the good fight.

6. Plus, dreams are easier to achieve.

The relative affordability of the Triad cities means that for many of you, it may be more feasible to carry out your dreams here because the overhead costs will be lower. Our cities are small enough that you’ll rarely, if ever, just feel like a number. You can get the mayor on the phone here!

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