Southern Foods
407 Westcliff Road GSO

Everyone’s a professional chef when they shop at Southern Foods.

An affiliate of Cheney Brothers, Inc. since 2016, Southern Foods is a food products supplier in Greensboro specializing in choice meats, seafood and specialty groceries from brands found nowhere else. By purchasing from Southern Foods, home chefs can create luxurious meals from exclusive products right in their home kitchens.

In addition to restaurants across the country, Southern Foods services customers at home via E-commerce and an on-site market. What started as a small shop in 2020 is now a grocery store full of the highest graded meat and seafood processed in-house. Products sourced locally and nationally give Patrons the same browsing experience as a restaurant owner. Certified Angus Beef to Heritage Breed Pork grown in the Carolinas. Clienteles can take advantage of non-commodity stocked product and explore higher grade like Joyce Farms Chicken and award-winning Wagyu Beef stock. Consumers are welcomed to attend every Saturday for Giveaways and Promotional events done in house from 8 a.m.-noon.

Upon entering Southern Foods’ lobby, visitors get a glimpse of more than two dozen plaques on the wall, awarded for quality and volume of meat sold each year given to the company by Certified Angus Beef, a beef supplier that grades cuts on 10 quality standards in three categories: marbling and maturity, consistent sizing and quality appearance and tenderness. With the Certified Angus Beef stamp of approval, diners know they’re in for an upscale experience. Southern Foods was one of the first suppliers in the country licensed to sell Certified Angus Beef, a testament to the quality the company provides.

“Just for December alone of 2023, we sold 9 million pounds. Out of this world,” says Bill Mutton, Division President of Greensboro.

The facility is divided into multiple processing areas, each dedicated to preparing specific products. To ensure items are meeting Certified Angus Beef standards, the beef processing area is inspected daily by the United States Department of Agriculture. Rooms are decorated with commercial machinery including a vacuum-sealed tumbler and a slicer for fajita meat. The star of the beef-processing room is the smart slicer, a million-dollar piece of machinery that works by laser scanning trimmed products to identify them, choosing the best slice according to the cut and slicing it to ounce dividends. According to Department Supervisor Ryan Gniser, the smart slicer allows for over three times more output than other methods.

“We were capped at 26,000 pounds of cut product a week. That machine being here, it can give us up to 80,000 pounds per week,” he says.

Hard at work behind the glass of the patty processing area are employees cutting patties to the customer’s specifications, and Southern Foods prides itself in a 1-day turnaround. The company offers custom molds in a variety of shapes and sizes and has even home plate-shaped patties for the Greensboro Grasshoppers in the past. Not only can customers create patties from brisket, ribeye, tenderloins and more, they can also choose the lean to fat ratio.

Lopez says, “You can pick and choose what you want.”

All dry-aging is also done in-house, and the company can dry age any product the customer pleases.

Southern Foods also offers the prized possession of the beef industry: Japanese A5 wagyu from Kagoshima, Japan. The shipping process takes 24 hours from Japan to Greensboro with meticulous tracking all in the hands of Andrew Vasko, a Purchasing and Sales Specialist at Southern Foods. Soon to be launched in the retail outlet and e-commerce site. The highly sought-after meat is suspended in a temperature controlled environment, neither frozen nor fresh, the marbled wonder lasts for 180 days. The company also specializes in fresh, never frozen seafood straight from the Carolina coastline and Arctic waters that is custom cut daily in an environment that utilizes an ozonated water system to “kill pathogens, prevent bacteria and support freshness.”

Southern Foods is an exclusive retailer of Sixty South salmon, a company that, like the beef industry, holds high standards.

“Inland customers cannot get a fresher product like this” Jim Stazak says, a Seafood Purchasing Specialist at Southern Foods.

Whether customers are catering a party or stocking their freezer, Southern Foods is the one-stop shop for pre-portioned or bulk top-notch items sure to please all who taste them.

Learn more about Southern Foods at Shop online at Follow on Instagram @southernfoodsmarket.

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