Mark Robinson of Greensboro is North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, which makes him the highest-ranking Republican elected official in the state, president of the state Senate with a tiebreaking vote, as well as a sitting member of the NC Board of Education.

And he is trash.

His remarks in the video that surfaced over the last week, referring to the state’s LGBTQ+ community as “filth,” should come as no surprise to anyone who’s followed his ridiculous career path, which before his viral YouTube moment at a Greensboro City Council meeting, included neither public service nor political experience, though he did spend some time working for Papa John’s pizza. His résumé is not what makes him trash.

Robinson is trash because of his comments, yes, and because of his farcical attacks against public education in general, which as a member of the board of ed are particularly grievous. He’s trash because of his thoughtless embrace of the politics of exclusion, thoughtless because he doesn’t know what “the politics of exclusion” means. He’s trash because he communicates in cruel memes. He’s trash because he appeals to the worst aspects of human nature.

He’s trash because, after being called upon to resign over his comments pertaining to LGBTQ+ Americans, he doubled down on those comments with a list of books he wants banned from public schools in the state. He called the books, which explore LGBTQ+ identity, “filth” as well. It’s important to note that none of these books are currently being used in NC public schools.

Mark Robinson is trash. Trash. Trash trash trash.

There’s a difference, in this case between trash and filth. Here we’ve laid out many specific reasons as to why our lieutenant governor is trash, and the list would have been even more egregious if we could get his old Greensboro drinking buddies to go on the record.

Robinson’s besmirch of every LGBTQ+ person in North Carolina — or anywhere, for that matter — comes without qualification. It’s the same sort of mentality that defines a hate crime, and as such is dangerous for anyone to communicate, let alone the highest-ranking Republican elected official in the state.

But that’s what happens when trash gets elected to office. Let’s not forget who brought him here. Robinson is the highest-ranking Republican in North Carolina, a heartbeat away from being governor. Until and unless they say otherwise, we must assume everyone in the party feels the same way.


  1. Wow. We definitely know what side of the bench you are on. There is a way to passionately write without being petty to get your point across. This is an example of how not to write.

  2. That supposed “trash” is right calling depraved actions and opinions of liberals filth. Be glad he stopped at words next comes the action to deal with the infestation the sick minds are pushing to be accepted.

  3. You’re trash for caring about your fragile feelings more than the psychological abuse and indoctrination of our children. I’m glad he’s standing strong against you bullies and please believe most NC residents are behind him 100% and we are fed up with the defense of rape abs child abuse to further your cause. Look at Loudon County hiding the rape of children. Apologists are SICK.

  4. Funny how its written by “staff” and no one wants to own their own opinion. Is the profile pic of the “white guy” the “staff” who wrote this? If so, i find it funny how its okay for a “white guy” to call a black man “trash” and doesn’t believe its racist, but, if it was a “conservative” calling a black man “trash, it would be time for the “cancel-culture” posse. You’re nothing more than a hypocritical piece of filth. #IWishYourMomHadSwallowed

    • Sex – homosexual or heterosexual – shouldn’t be taught in schools at all. Brainwashing children to think otherwise, is, indeed, filth. An entire generation that can tell you what the 63 different genders are, but can’t count to 63.

  5. Triad City Beat is trash. This article is nothing more than an opinion of a weak minded individual who would never say anything to anyone’s face.

  6. The MATERIALS He called trash ARE trash and if they represented differently sexed couples they would be classified porn. Which is ALSO TRASH! NONE OF WHICH BELONGS IN A SCHOOL LIBRARY! Hey, congrats on the trash article though!

  7. Brian, stand strong and keep owning the haters. We need more people willing to stand up to the bullies. It’s mild to call Robinson trash but the term is perfectly apt.

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