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Restaurateur Marty Kotis picked up a $32,000 liquor order at the Greensboro ABC headquarters on North Cedar Street this morning for the Marshall Free House, which opens for pre-registered “friends and family” on Monday.

The total order, which includes stock worth $8,000 that has already been procured, comes to $40,000. Fred McCormick, the general manager of the the Greensboro ABC, said it’s the largest liquor order he can remember in Greensboro.

Kotis, whose new beard makes him resemble a post-rehab Steve Earle, opened a $4,000 case of Highland Park Scotch whisky containing six bottles on the loading dock at the ABC store.

“It comes in these wooden boxes so you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth,” he quipped.

Beside it lay a $2,600 case of Balvenie Scotch whisky with three bottles.

Kotis said he gave the ABC store a list of 300 liquors, and the state agency was able to procure about half of them. He learned about many of the brands from a visit to Loch Fyne Whiskies in Scotland.

Patrons at the new Marshall Free House will be able to match their whisky with a selection of waters, and customize dilution rates and temperatures to get their ideal drinking experience.

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