by Sayaka Matsuoka and Anthony Harrison

1.Sayaka loves food

But not in a normal, healthy way. Sayaka has a codependent emotional relationship with food. She gets hangry. She’s like a she-Godzilla, Hulktastic crazy woman. You wouldn’t think a grown 22-year old, 5-foot-1 Asian girl could throw a tantrum, but she could prove you wrong. Just try not to talk to her if she hasn’t had lunch that day.

Anthony is a second-generation American

Anthony’s maternal grandparents immigrated to America from Greece after World War II. His mother’s maiden name is “Triantis,” Anglicized from “Triantafilloupoulou.” That’s about as Greek as names get.

3. Sayaka is a closet singer

Not really because Sayaka sang all through middle and high school in chorus and even joined an a capella group for a couple of semesters in college, but mostly she just sings in the shower and in her car. And to her dog.

4. Anthony enjoys cooking

Though he’d always made simple fare like grilled cheese or bacon and eggs, Anthony stepped up his game in his college years. His signature dishes include pasta carbonara, honey-glazed leg of lamb and pan-fried chicken tenders with cinnamon-caramelized onions.

5. Sayaka is a dog-lover

She loves dogs more than most people. Sayaka is one of those people who, when she goes to a party and there’s a dog there, spends most of her time hanging out with that dog. She’s like a crazy cat person but with dogs, which is worse because dogs are just loud, obnoxious, slobbery, furry babies. But that’s why she loves them.

6. Anthony plays music

When he was in high school, Anthony picked up electric bass. He soon started playing in a garage rock band, and he has since played in other local bands, even playing a stint for Guilford College’s jazz combo. He also plays guitar and was a madrigal singer at Grimsley High School.

7. Sayaka has visited Malta

She studied abroad in Malta. Sure, everyone and their mother studied abroad in college but no one has heard of the sunny, small, Mediterranean, cat-ridden, slightly incestuous island. Its single claim to fame in recent memory is its cameo in the first season of “Game of Thrones.”

Anthony collects memorabilia from A Christmas Story

It all began with a gray T-shirt featuring Ralphie’s wide-eyed face beside the iconic phrase, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Now, Anthony owns Christmas Story knick-knacks ranging from a Yahtzee set to a scaled-down leg lamp. The latter serves as his desk light.

9. Sayaka is a social justice freak

That just means she’s one of those crazy people who believe all humans should have basic human rights.

Anthony can quote practically every line of Jurassic Park

At the tender age of five years old, Anthony watched Jurassic Park at the Brassfield Cinema 10, simultaneously amazed and terrified. Since then, he estimates conservatively he’s seen the Spielberg classic 400 times. Some of his favorite lines to recite include, “I really hate that man,” “SHOOOOT HER!” and, of course, “Clever girl….”

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