Random Listicle: 6 things that are messed up about High Point


by Brian Clarey

1. It’s in three counties.

Nobody saw a problem with the city of High Point expanding through annexation into three different counties —  Guilford, Forsyth and Davidson — or if they did, they were overruled. But to us as reporters it means three different tax rates, three different county election board results to tally and three county commissions who have authority in the city. It seems needlessly complicated.

2. The Furniture Market

High Point’s entire raison d’etre is the International Home Furnishings Market, which happens twice a year for two weeks each, replenishing the city’s coffers every time. But the market owns the most expensive real estate in the city, and shuts it all down for the other 48 weeks, giving the population the same status as servants, or those clownfish who eat parasites off of sea anemone.

3. High Point University

Free ice cream, piped-in music, a meal-plan steakhouse and valets for the dormitories are just a few of the amenities provided behind the walled garden of this full-service university.

4. Washington Street

This historic district was like the Harlem of High Point until Kivett Drive cut it off from the rest of the city. There are efforts to revitalize the area — 512 Collective and Jackie’s Place are awesome — but the apathy from the the larger community is staggering.

5. Coltrane’s legacy

Jazz pioneer John Coltrane grew up in the Washington Street neighborhood, and all he got for it was a festival that doesn’t seem to understand his legacy.

6. Street dieting

Last week, we discovered that Kepley’s BBQ restaurant on North Main Street has been collecting signatures against “street dieting,” a move that would slow traffic on their street, increase visibility of their business and create parking in front of their store. “There’s nothing here to walk to,” said cashier Kay Flannery, without a trace of self-awareness.