Noah Reynolds


Noah Reynolds, a scion of the tobacco family historically responsible for much of Winston-Salem’s industrial development, has decided to drop his lawsuit against Forsyth County’s policy allowing concealed-carry weapons in Tanglewood Park.

The Reynolds family donated land for the park in the 1950s.

Reynolds wrote in an email to his lawyer, Mikael R. Gross, on July 19:

“I do appreciate your willingness to go to mediation pro bono, and this speaks highly of you! However, I have decided to drop the case entirely for the following reasons:

“(1) My co-plaintiff Domingo Isasi has moved to Maine to take a new job and really is not available to be involved anymore;

“(2) I really do not wish to pursue any further a matter that is of no apparent interest to (a) the court, who thinks my constitutional rights are subject to mediation; (b) the press, which is also disinterested unless it sells papers, and (c) the public, which has offered little support besides complaining when it is convenient and timely; and

“(3) One of the sitting county commissioners who voted for guns in the park has already been defeated in the primary and another is likely to lose in November. It would be less costly to try my luck with the new set of commissioners since our court date would be set for February 2015 anyway.

“In all earnest, thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication, but I know the deck is stack against me. I did voice my concerns and made a tangible commitment to defend the 2nd Amendment and keep guns out of Tanglewood Park, for the record.

“Please inform the court and Forsyth County that we are prepared to drop the case on a no-fault bilateral basis.”


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